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December 9, 2013
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[Lex-Ferenda] Pandora Rickett by kaexil [Lex-Ferenda] Pandora Rickett by kaexil


ɤ   ›NAME: Pandora Rickett

ɤ   ›AGE: 14 (4th Year)

ɤ   ›HOUSE: Slytherin

ɤ   ›BIRTHDAY: October 31st

ɤ   ›HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 150 cm, 43 kg; 4’ 11”, 94 lbs.

ɤ   ›PET:


Name: Areli


Species: Ermine

Personality: Quick and sly, Areli can get from place to place and draw little to no attention. His sharp claws and teeth can prove to be useful, and though he is very loyal, he often goes off to hunt on his own, as Pandora is insistent that he remembers how to catch his own prey. He was born a runt, but his pride makes up for his small size.





Length: 10 inches

Wood: Chestnut

Core: Dragon

Flexibility: Unyielding


Brackium Emendo – Heals broken bones

Deprimo – Places immense downward pressure on target, which may result in the violent fracturing of said target.

Episkey – A simple healing charm

Furnunculus – Causes the victim to break out in extremely painful boils

Rennerverate – Moderately advanced healing charm

Stinging Hex – Causes the victim to suffer a painful stinging sensation




Muggle Studies 
Care of Magical Creatures 


Extra Curricular:

Earth Magic

Quidditch (Chaser)

Alternative: Frog Choir



| Two-Faced | Mischievous | Cunning | Sympathetic | Blunt | Runner

Pandora often puts up a false exterior of a shy, dependent little girl, but usually, she hides her true self until she gets something she wants out of the person, or feels comfortable with them. Half the time, she holds grudges on people for little things such as returning borrowed items in much worse condition from when she gave them in, or making a snide jeer at her lack of height. She gets back at them through little, mainly harmless pranks like placing toads under pillows, or slipping laxative potions in their food. Using her façade of a sniveling girl, she uses the sympathy of others to do her dirty work for them. She’s also quite sharp and catches onto things quickly, also possessing the ability to analyze what’s around her.

Even though she loves to prank others, she can’t help but have a bit more of a motherly side to her. This is the reason why she learns many healing charms, and has learned some tougher ones too. Though she wants to appear strong-willed and independent, she can’t help but commiserate with those in need. Not only is she motherly, but she also leads others to the best choice in situations, giving her all in order to produce the greatest result for herself and others.

She does have empathy for others, but she won’t lie to them to make them feel better. Without meaning to be, she can be more honest than she’d like, and can come off as blunt and rude, but believes that what she says is for the best.

Pandora absolutely despises actual conflict, and doesn’t have all-out, powerful attack spells, and can’t bring herself to mortally injure someone. She only knows those that make the opponent occupied (such as boils or heavy gravity), so that she can flee from the scene.



Pandora’s parents were both wizards; her father a halfblood, and her mother a full witch. The two of them fell in love at first sight in the small English town of Chapel-en-le-Frith, when they were both attending Hogwarts. Her father was a Gryffindor, and her mother a Slytherin. They stayed a happy couple for years, and had Pandora’s older brother, Christopher, soon after they graduated from the prestigious school. A year later, baby Pandora was born. Though technically she isn’t, Pandora considers herself as a pureblood, though her family doesn’t have any house elves.

Growing up with relatively young parents, they didn’t really know what to do with her as a child. Due to this, she strongly relied on Christopher, though also learned to care for herself. She was allowed lots of freedom, and frequently went outside into a forest by her house, and found herself tending to animals and learning through experience of the plants that grew there; which ones were useful for healing the scrapes she got from running through branches all the time, and which ones one could place on your tongue and find themself much more awake and alert. This was where she met her companion, Areli. She found him left under an alder tree in the winter, left by its mother due to its size. She immediately took him home, and fed, washed, and took care of him. Ever since, the two have become the best of friends, and he’s become a sidekick to her. She prefers his company to the company of most people.

Because of her friendliness with animals and interest in plants, Pandora rarely had any friends, seeming withdrawn from the external world. Her parents were unsure of how to raise a proper child, so she started to pull pranks and have more of a mischievous side to her from a young age in order to gain attention, as she knew no other way how.

One fateful day when she was merely seven, she was scouting for some wolfsbane, when she heard Areli hissing and crinkling leaves, something unusual for the typically silent, stealthy ermine. Curious, she left her work and walked over, and was surprised to see her companion wrestling with a snake, tumbling on the forest earth. The two animals were taunting each other and fighting viciously, when Pandora swept in and grabbed Areli before he got hurt. It was an even bigger surprise to see a brunette boy her age appear from a thicket and pick up the snake, only to wrap it around his neck.

Being young as she was, Pandora felt the colour rising to her cheeks, and glared at the boy, who held a similar expression on his face. She retorted that her ermine was clearly beating his snake, and the boy glowered, and exclaimed that his snake was clearly beating her ‘rodent thing’. The two of them bickered for quite a while, and attracted the attention of their parents 

Pandora’s parents were delighted to find that the boy’s family was a magical family as well, and the boy, who she later found was named Aurelio, was to attend Hogwarts in the near future along with her. Her heart plummeted as she heard that the two of them would be spending their school lives together. The two families got close, and Pandora and Aurelio were made to attend the same elementary school. This began their ceaseless, feud, competing against each other for nearly everything. By nature, Pandora’s quite competitive, and though she openly claimed her dislike for the Aurelio, she secretly enjoys his company.

When she turned 10, Pandora was devastated to see her brother receive his letter to Hogwarts. She silently cursed the owl that had brought it in the worst words she could muster (which, due to her age, weren't actually bad words at all), and cried herself to sleep for the next week after. Her entire life was spent relying on her brother, but she soon realized that she would be joining him only the next year.

Soon enough, a year flew by, and on Halloween morning, her letter flew through the mail slot. With uncontainable joy, she took it unopened to Aurelio’s house, boasting about it, completely forgetting that he had gotten it a few months earlier. Pandora’s brother had come back, so the two of them explored the wonders of Diagon Alley with him, and prepared themselves for their new lives at Hogwarts. When the sorting hat bellowed out that she would be in Slytherin along with her brother, she felt her insides flutter with delight and excitement. Aurelio was placed in Gryffindor, and their now slightly friendlier rivalry was reconfirmed.

Years had gone by, and Pandora has become more dependent, though still has a strong connection with her brother. She’s constantly looking out for others, and makes decisions that she believes will not only benefit her, but her friends and the Slytherin house. She’s found her passion for potion, healing spells, and taking care of animals, and that she has quite a knack for flying. Often, she remembers her life before Hogwarts and can’t recall herself ever being so happy. She’s working to become a potions professor in the place she loves most.

ɤ   ›VOICE:…


ɤ   ›LIKES/DISLIKES: (optional)

+ Plant/ Earth Magic (including potions)

+ Animals

+ Quidditch

+ Singing

+ Pranks

+ Chocolate

- Aggressive people

- Duelling/ battle

- Feeling betrayed by others

- Losing

- Parsley

- People who don’t try or put in their best efforts

- Warm weather


Aurelio Marino—Childhood friend/ rival (4th year)

Christopher Rickett—Older brother (5th year)


- Has a talent for potions

- Worst thing that she’s done was put some ‘Cupid’s Crystals’ (love potions) in a group of boys’ drinks after she found them harassing a stray cat

- Currently working on the ‘Draught of Living Death’ potion

- Is compelled to be really motherly towards people who are shorter/ smaller than her (which isn’t a very big number)

- Sensitive about her height

- Verbal clashes along with quidditch mêlées are about as much conflict as she can take; she can’t stand physical/ magical battles

- Only harms/ pranks those she feels deserve it; otherwise is a very rational person

- Has a Silver Arrow broom passed down from her grandfather, and is quite proud of it

- Has heterochromia; one blue eye and one green

- Only her left ear is pierced

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